how to find the right fringe for you
Hands up: how many times have you dithered about getting a fringe? You will, you won’t. Maybe next week? Oh hell, you’ve lost your bottle. But, fringes are back – with the celebrity evidence to prove it. So, we’ll tell it to you straight: somewhere
Because, a fringe is a yardstick for how you’re feeling about life (and yourself) at any given point in time. Break-ups, make-ups; maybe you’re feeling jazzed about a new job or upcoming event. Maybe you’re just bored with seeing the same face in the mirror each morning. Or maybe you’ve just thrown caution to the wind – and are acting on crazy whim. The point is, that as life decisions go, getting a fringe is a solid ‘medium’ on the commitment level – yet it can make one hell of a difference to your overall look. Get it right and it’ll frame your face, enhance your best features, amplify the awesome in you – and power up your confidence. We think the most important thing is that your fringe looks like it’s part of you – not like an add-on extra. So, let’s skip through the options and find a really Great Fringe for you…

The Classic

We’re thinking…Jane Birkin in the seventies. Dakota Johnson is today’s poster girl.

classic fringe

It’s full, it’s straight and it doesn’t fully ‘connect’ with the rest of your hair. To sum up: it’s unashamedly – a full fat, full-on fringe. The classic requires the most commitment, needs the most maintenance – and looks great on anyone with a forehead that’s sizeable enough to carry it. Getting it right relies getting a Great Cut – so let’s find you a Great Stylist now.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll

Let’s picture…Georgia May Jagger. rock fringerock fringe 2

The cool-girl fringe that looks better with a little texture, and gets better a day or two after washing. Like you’ve just rolled out of bed – after dancing all night in a club. As decisions go, it’s a mini leap, because it looks better undone, so requires less upkeep – plus it's long enough to be swept out of the way. Accessorize it with killer confidence and enjoy the novelty of a different reflection looking back at you in the mirror.

The Curtain

Google… Sienna Miller in full boho mode, or January Jones right now. curtain fringecurtain fringe 2 Soft, feminine; the gentle curve swoops over your forehead like theatre curtains as the play begins. The shape, wispy tips and brow-skimming lengths will do wonders to accentuate your eyes and bring definition to your cheekbones. It’s also just sexy enough – without being O.T.T., and will look good as it grows out. A Great Colourist can also add smattering of lighter bits to break it up and make it even prettier.

The Side Sweep

Please refer to…Reese Witherspoon. side sweep fringe

So easy and low on the decision barometer, really anyone can do it: the side-swept fringe cleverly ticks several of the Great Fringe boxes. Ta-da, it (creates the illusion of) changing your face shape – making your hair feel shiny and new. Yet, it’s long and chilled enough to be tucked away behind an ear, or grown out when you want your forehead back full time. If you’ve sat on the fringe fence for ages, this is a good place to start.

The Fling

Take a look in the mirror… clip in fringe
So, for those times when you’re in danger of taking an ill-advised leap – or you simply want to try on another side of you – the Human Hair Clip In Fringe goes in and out in seconds. It’ll change your style, change your mood – and look completely natural. Best of all, you won’t have wasted one minute on regrets or pointless dithering. So, you can simply get on with having Great Hair.