Whether you want a subtle lift or a full-on statement, we think there’s a perfect hair colour for everyone. But between highlights and balayage and babylights and ombré, it can be difficult to know what to ask for when you see your colourist

Step forward Marley Xavier. Hershesons’ Belgravia new colour master, who brings 15 years’ experience working in salons, on fashion campaigns and A-listers to our team. We asked him how he helps clients find their perfect colour (then maintain it!); what are his top hair colour trends for autumn/winter 2022 – and how to get your hair colour to work in sync with your cut.


Hi, Marley! Welcome to Hershesons. What do you love most about being a colourist?

Ever since I grew up in the Punk/Emo era (so much colour!), I’ve been fascinated by the potential for transformation that hair colour offers. Whether your hair colour has changed over time, you want to refine it, or you want to totally reinvent your look, hair colour has the power to make you feel like yourself again. It’s unique in the way that you can’t just take it off before bed. You really live with it, and it becomes part of you. It’s amazing how much more self-confident it can make you feel.



What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Working on Versace's spring/summer campaign and getting to work with incredible people that I grew up admiring.


In what ways do a Great Cut and colour work together?

Colour can have a huge impact on your haircut. It can enhance the shape and layers, helping to contour your features, bring out your eye colour and make your skin glow. True magic happens when a great colourist and stylist work as a dream team together!


How would you describe your signature colour vibe?

I love creating colour that looks like a child’s hair at the end of summer. I call it ‘born with it luxe colour…with a dash of mystery’. For blondes, this means the colour is finessed, seamless, luminous and effortless. For brunettes, it’s rich and seductive with a glass-like shine. That said, I never shy away from statement colour. I love a high-energy look!


Who are your hair icons? 

Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariacarla Boscono, Kate Moss, FKA TWIGS, Gisele and Rosie Whitely. 


How do you use different colour techniques to customise your clients’ looks?

I use babylights a lot, as it replicates those beautiful sun strands you get after being in the sun. Balayage also adds great dimension to a sun-kissed look, and I’ll often add a bit of foilage (using traditional highlight foils) in certain areas to create a real pop of brightness. With tinting, I can tweak the base colour of the hair. I almost always gloss and root smudge a look. It’s the cherry on top to make it luxe, effortless and natural.


What’s your number one piece of advice for people looking to find their perfect colour?

Enhance what you have naturally. Most people don’t have the time to come to one of our flagships every two weeks (if you do, by all means go for something high maintenance!), so finding beautiful colour that grows out gradually means that your hair looks better, for longer. Also: don’t be scared of collaborating with your colourist! As with all things in life, everything is better when there is communication.


What’s your top tip for maintaining the quality and health of hair after colouring?

I love Olaplex, as it prevents breakage and restores the hair. I also advise my clients to limit heat styling or tying their hair up too tight, particularly with metal hair ties. Finally, be gentle when brushing to avoid breakage! The Everyday Essentials Brush is great as it’s kind on your hair and scalp while detangling and adding shine. Treat your hair like your finest accessory (because it is!).


What colour trends are you seeing for autumn/winter 22/23?

It’s all about suitability and versatility. Glowing warmer shades, butterscotch blondes, coppers… cherry brunettes, those crisp creamy blondes and enhancing naturally silver hair. Really, the ‘best colour' is the one that looks best on you. It’s key that you are wearing your colour, rather than having the colour wear you. you.


Any colour no-no’s?

Hmm, I don’t like rules. More often than not, I think there’s a place for everything! But I think hair colour has to fit your personality and image.