It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s sunny, hot and sticky. If your frizz is out of control, blame the weather – then beat it in a few easy steps.

What causes frizz?

Frizz is caused by many things (hair type, hormones, blow drying technique), but something that affects us all is the weather. When it's rainy – or sticky, hot and humid – moisture from the air makes its way into the hair structure, causing the cuticle to swell and become rough. This change is what lies behind that dry, bushy, fuzzy, out-of-control mess – the kind of frizz we don't appreciate at all.

The case for Good Frizz

Okay, so full disclosure: we’re not 100% of the opinion that all frizz is a bad thing. Think about poker straight, ultra-smooth hair without so much as a whisker out of line, and it feels a bit dated, doesn’t it?

A bit of frizz (otherwise known as natural texture) gives your hair life and helps us achieve that amazing second day, tousled bob or beachy wave vibe. And actually, a perfectly smooth, just-stepped-outta-the-salon blow dry isn’t really our thing. We think your hair should look like you – not like someone has ironed it into submission.

That said, we get it: frizz can be problematic when it hijacks your hair, leaving you with a halo of fuzz and dry, lifeless, kind of wiry lengths. If you’ve got naturally curly hair and are more prone to frizz, it also makes sense that many of you prefer your curls smoother, conditioned and a bit more defined. 

So, when it comes to getting (almost) frizz-free days no matter what the weather’s up to, let’s start at the very beginning… 

Preventing frizz

Many of us think about tackling frizz as an after-thought. It's already happened before we've done anything about it. So, we'll start with prevention – then get to the cure. When we formulated Almost Everything Cream, we designed it to stop frizz from forming later when you use it on wet hair. By sealing the hair smooth before air drying or blow drying, it does the hard, frizz-fighting work for you.

When your hair is wet…

You step out of the bath or shower, and what's the first thing you do? Reach for a towel and twist it around your head, right? Wrong. Do this, and you're sending frizz an invitation.

Instead, comb your soaking wet hair through with this detangling brush and apply Almost Everything Cream before blotting (not rubbing!) your hair with a towel. Better still, use a microfibre towel, which quickly and effectively wicks water away from your hair, reducing drying time and frizz. If you want your hair to be a little more dry before heading out, use a diffuser attachment on your dryer and set it to a low heat to minimise frizz. 



Hands off

Whatever you do, avoid touching your hair when it’s wet and as it dries because you're creating frizz every time your fingers make contact.

How to fix frizz fast

So, your hair is just naturally frizzy or you've been caught out in a rainstorm/stuck in traffic on a boiling hot, humid day. Apply a spray or serum at this point and you may well end up with sticky/crunchy/oily-looking lengths. That are still full of frizz. 

Sling Almost Everything Cream into your hand/gym bag and take it wherever you go – just as you would a great lip balm. Work it into your palms, using one pump for fine hair and two if yours is thick. Gently press it into dry mid-lengths and ends to smooth and instantly hydrate your hair. Very delicately, smooth any remaining product over troublesome strays and fuzz nearer the root. The unique cream texture nixes frizz – but leaves your hair feeling like hair. Not a sticky mess.

You can also smooth any residual fuzz (and detangle at the same time) using our Everyday Essentials Brush. It’s antistatic, so beats frizz, while adding gorgeous softness and movement back into lacklustre hair. We even created the perfect kit for frizzy hair with both products in one.

One more thing…

When we think about beating frizz, we often focus exclusively on styling. But a great cut that suits your hair type and creates effortless shape goes a long way to ensuring your hair looks on point – no matter what the weather. Need some inspiration for your next cut?

Long and short of it: get control over your frizz, then rock your natural texture. Your hair is what makes you you.