long hair


You know that rule about cutting your hair short after a “certain age”? Well, we think it’s total BS. There’s no such thing as “age appropriate” hair. So, when we cut inches off our hair and add them to our hemlines, we’re following some seriously outdated rules about women, beauty and age. Which is why we’ve decided to change things. At Hershesons, we’re all about breaking rules – not “fixing” you. And about giving you Great Hair – at any age. So let’s toss out that rulebook and try this radical idea on for size: Maybe – just maybe – the older you get, the longer your hair should be. Because – as Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne Moore and Aishwarya Rai would no doubt tell you – the number on your passport is not directly correlated with the number of inches that make up your hair. long hair any age breaking rules
Yes, your hair changes as you get older. And yes, we’re big fans of short hair, too, (keep the texture carefree, rather than blow-drying the hell out of it, and you’ll look youthful, no matter what your age). But: find a Great Stylist who understands how a Great Cut can work with – not against – your skin, hair, eyes and general vibe, and here’s how you can rock long for longer…

The Cut

Whether you’re steadily adding inches or re-thinking your already long style, the Cut (as always) is king. Ask your stylist for blunt ends – rather than buttery or tapered layers – so that your hair is predominantly the same length all the way around, to give hair the illusion of greater fullness. A few subtle layers at the front are all you'll need to frame your face and balance your extra length.

The Texture

With short hair, comes limited options. Go long, and it's like entering a new world. You can loosely tong long lengths, for a relaxed, lazy wave; You can straighten it to look long, sleek, polished and elegant. The point is, you can find more versatile ways to express who you are – not simply succumb to an obsolete rule about your age. black and white hairhair quote

The Colour

If Cut is king, then Great Colour is your queen – as long as you keep it soft and subtle. Streaky highlights, solid tints and all-over peroxide jobs will date your look in an instant. Instead, subtle highlights, dark roots balanced by lighter ends, and a smattering of "baby lights" (the clue is in the name) will throw light onto your skin to give it a glow and add shape when you're playing the long game.

The Parting

Again, options, options: while short hair often falls a certain way, long hair gives you some flex. A crisp centre part is sort of cool and carefree – with a hint of the rock chick in you; a side part, meanwhile, can look smarter and more polished, when the world needs to know you mean business.

The Products

tools for the job As the years fly by, our hair can become courser and frizzier in texture. Prevent frizz and flyaways by applying a good styling cream to soaking wet hair, (watch this space for the ultimate, streamlined solution – we know you're going to love it). A Great Hair Dryer will also provide just the right balance of heat and speed to get you the smooth finish you want. Above all, at any costs, we really mean this: avoid being heavy-handed with your hair spray. The crispy bouffant look hardly screams “youth” now, does it?

The Playtime

The truth is, that age really is just a number. So, if you have a style that doesn’t suit you, or you’re stuck in a short style rut, going long is an invitation to play. From fabulous blow dries to chic twists and knots, simply by bucking the short trend and wearing your Great Lengths with confidence – you might just look more you(thful). Got serious growing pains already? You can book your Great Cut here – or fake it ‘til you make it with our selection of 100% Human Hair Extensions. We won’t tell if you don’t.