Lumi Lise and Luke Hersheson

The No 1 Product that made Lumi Lise LOVE her Curls Those of us born naturally curly know that the journey to getting the very best out of our hair can feel like one hell of a ride. Because, while everyone else seems to be tonging the hell out of theirs, in a bid to get some waves, we're trying to run some crazy gauntlet between fuzzy frizz, crispy ringlets and a never-ending battle with our straighteners.

Which is why we spoke to fashion video producer and beauty blogger, Lumi Lise (aka Elise Gill). She explains how she got from straightening her unruly curves with an actual household iron* to simply using Almost Everything Cream in a routine she likes to call the ‘scrunch, twirl and go’. Just for you, she’s lifting the lid on getting curls you’ll LOVE in this week’s Hair Stories video.

Oh, and because we’re totally in the zone with everyone who has straight, flat, frizzy or fine hair too, you can always press play on Alexandra Steinherr, Pandora Sykes and Sali Hughes’ Hair Stories right over on our website too.

*Please don’t try this at home – you’ll only fry the pants off your hair. Getting glassy smooth hair without the damage is so much simpler when you pick these.