For years, trending styles have been dominated by air-dried, low key, undone looks – 'no hair hair', if you will. But all that's about to change because bigger hair – in all its playful, liberated glory – is making a determined comeback.

“Following the Covid years, I think we all have a sense that we want to go out, have fun and party. We want to feel free. Bigger hair captures that feeling, so we can grab life, feeling full of confidence,” says Luke Hersheson.

What do we mean by ‘big hair’?

‘Bigger’ means consciously blow dried – not a style that looks like we’ve done it ourselves. It’s about adding volume with something that feels more polished – and ultimately, putting the (self)-care back into our styling routine. It takes a bit more time than air-dried, no-maintenance styles, so big hair is more considered and brings a certain sense of decadence and celebration.

There are gradients of big hair too. It can be anything from a look that’s very OTT to something more understated, whereby you’re just adding more volume to certain sections.

What’s new about it this year?

"If we look back at big hair 10 years ago, the styles were all very similar: A similar length with a kind of universal cut that was just blown out to the max. This year, big hair feels much fresher as it's working in sync with current haircut trends. In our flagships, we’re cutting bobs, shags and curtain bangs – then adding the oomph and polish,” says Luke.

An extra tip: younger people may like to try super polished takes on the new volume. If you’re a little more mature, this can end up looking a bit dated, so opt for something that errs on the side of undone and effortless - rather than anything stiff or structured.

We love the big hair looks from the old Revlon adverts. But if you need some more inspiration, , Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Imaan Hammam, Niki Taylor and Kara Young and are great examples too.

How do we get it?

The point to note here is that even if you have fine hair, there are ways to make it appear fuller. That starts with a Great Cut but follows the same basic principles: If your hair is prone to frizz, start by applying a plump of Almost Everything Cream to wet hair, post-shower.

They layer Zhoosh Foam over the top to build a foundation of smooth volume (this is our classic Zhoosh Sandwich technique for frizzy hair). 

Then blow dry using our Pro Blow Dry Brush – in XL for very long hair, L for medium to long hair and M for short and bob-length hair. These are specially designed to spread heat and create body and movement.

Once the hair is dry, Luke loves to use 'loads' of Zhoosh, massaging it into the scalp to create oomph using his hands. Don't panic about this step – Zhoosh is a new type of 'dry' foam that disappears when you rub it in, so you're never left with stickiness or crunching.

Now, the only question that remains is: How big will you go?