Let's not beat around the bush, because here's what we know about Great Colour: it can make your skin glow, get your eyes to sing and encourage your cheekbones out into the limelight. It also makes your cut work harder, your hair look fuller – and ever so innocently, gives it some seriously great shape. So, let’s get down to business: here are 5 damn good reasons to get Great Colour now…

It makes your cut work harder

You know how we feel about a Great Cut. Add Great Colour into the mix, and the two will work in synergy, like two peas in a seriously good-looking pod. Some well-placed lighter flicks can amplify your natural texture, give a short crop some killer shape and break up your fringe, so it never looks flat or heavy.


It makes your skin glow – and your cheekbones stand to attention

Think of it like this: if your cut is the foundation to your make-up routine, your colour is the bronzer and blush that adds shape and a little perkiness. So, whilst hair colour that’s a little bit meh, can do all the wrong things for your skin, (too ashy and you can look lifeless; too warm and it can make you seem permanently red-faced), a Great Colourist will often add brighter bits to the face –especially around the height of your cheekbones and on the ends. These contour and define your features, throwing light onto your skin to make you look fresher – and give it a little extra glow.

blonde eyeshair contour

It makes your eyes sing

We don’t believe in (ahem) ‘colouring’ between the lines or playing by some mysterious rules made up by who knows who. So, while the ‘rulebook' would tell you that brown tones look great with brown and green eyes and blue eyes look better with blonde hair, we’ve never been ones to follow the crowd. Instead, our experts intuitively understand how your skin and eye colour work with your overall style. Then they create the colour that turns up the volume on everything that’s great about you. So, take that old rules.

It makes styling easier

Now yes, colour can make your hair feel dry. But here’s what no one ever tells you: it can also plump out the roots, creating fullness. It can add a little texture and grip that gives your hair a great, lived-in look – and makes it easier to style. All of which means you’ll need fewer products to get the hair you want – just because you have Great Colour. colour layers

It makes you more you

Maths has never been our strong suit. But we do know this: couple the hundreds of shades that are available with the many techniques we can use at any given time, and it all adds up to an infinite number of ways we can get you the Great Colour you want. We can highlight, balayage; we can add an all-over tint back at the basin – we can darken your crown (we call it a ‘root smudge’), then fleck lighter bits through the ends to give you a hint of cool that looks totally natural. To cut a long story short: you’re unlike any other person – so we’ll never give you the same colour as the person in the next door chair. We’ll just give you really Great Colour – that makes you more you, just the way you are. Click here to do it now.