5 key hairstyles from the ’90s to wear now

5 key hairstyles from the ’90s to wear now

The ’90s – also known as the era that brought us The Supers, the Spice Girls and “heroine chic” – were nothing if not a rich source of inspo for today’s hair, make-up and general looks. Many of today’s coolest hair trends have their roots in the decade, whether it’s Linda Evangelista’s iconic pixie cut or Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel”. Here’s a closer look at some of our favourites:

Linda Evangelista’s pixie cut

‌When Linda Evangelista – one of The Supers – got her hair chopped into a pixie, it became her signature style. Gamine, sexy and the perfect cut to frame her show-stopping features, it became somewhat of a signature, and she wore it brunette, spicy red and blonde. Another key ’90s pixie cut was Winona Ryder, whose elfin style is also much referenced today.


The Pamela

‌Pamela Anderson’s messy up-do has seen a renaissance of late, thanks to the documentary she released on Netflix. Her tumble of peroxide blonde locks were often piled into an undone chignon on the top of her head, tendrils falling about her face, back then – and everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez have tried the style since.


Aaliyah’s bandana

‌There are few things more ’90s than a patterned bandana worn over the top of the head, like Aaliyah in the ’90s. Long, silky hair worn in big barrel curls at the ends was the perfect partner to the style.


Maria Carey’s ringlets

‌While the perm was big in the ’80s, in the ’90s it became about embracing your natural curls – like Mariah Carey. Tight ringlets worn with natural body and volume were a favourite of the songstress and Julia Roberts.




Jennifer Aniston’s The Rachel

‌Jennifer Aniston shot to fame as Rachel in the ’90s sitcom, Friends – and we’re still recreating her iconic hairstyle today. With face-framing, feathered layers and caramel highlights, Aniston has updated the cut over the years to softer, more flattering effect.