We don’t believe in finding fault with your hair. We simply believe in getting the very best out of what you have. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves Great Hair. That said, we know that not everyone is blessed with the full, flowing lengths of a real-life Goldilocks. Hair can be fine (which refers to the thickness of individual strands); hair can be thin (meaning the overall density of your hair follicles is a tad lower than it might be). It can also be flat, limp and lifeless (and you don’t need us to tell you what that means). But here’s the thing: no matter what your fine/thin/flat-as-a-pancake particular hair gripe, there’s a way to make it look FULLER – and fast. Let’s talk 4 top tips to getting FULLER hair now…


Fine hair with layers

Fine hair should skip heavy layering

For some reason, a modern-day myth has been circulating about layers, layers and more layers. Yes, on the right cut and hair type, layers can add shape, definition and texture. But wait up: heavy layering on fine hair will only make the ends look thinner. Instead, ask your stylist to add some carefully placed mini layers around your face, and it’ll give the illusion of added depth, just where you need it most.


Model with accents of colour

Add accents of colour

In the same way that objects of all one colour tend to look flat and two-dimensional, so too will your hair if it's a uniform shade, right from root to tip. Simply by adding flashes of colour a couple of shades lighter or darker than your natural tone, your colourist will complement your cut, giving the impression of depth and fullness.


Clip in hair extensions

The placement of your Clip Ins is crucial

Hair thinning tends to be most noticeable around the temples and hairline. So, when seeking out Clip Ins, put these areas at the very top of your hit list. Adding a few sections of our 10 Piece Human Hair Extensions Clip In Set here and there will make a massive difference in a matter of moments. Likewise, we named our in-salon Fillers for a reason: they involve bonding small sections of hair into your own, to give a natural-looking fullness that lasts for up to six weeks.


Blow dry hair for volume

Reverse blow dry your hair

You know when you brush your brows UP before filling them in, to max-out the sense of fullness? The same idea applies to your hair. As you blow dry with a hair-friendly dryer, pull your hair in the opposite direction to that which it naturally grows. I.e., brush it left to get fullness on the right; pull it upwards to get a little oomph at the crown. Try one; test-drive all 4. Either way, we think you and your hair will feel fuller than post-roast on a Sunday.