4 easy ways to update your haircut without losing the length

4 easy ways to update your haircut without losing the length

Want to refresh your hair but can’t bear the thought of losing your length?

It’s a common conundrum, but there are really easy ways to transform your look, without doing much at all.

“The key is to concentrate on what’s happening around the face,”

explains Luke, who adds that it’s at this time of the year that many of us want to update our look.

What does he recommend? Here, some of his tips.

Get a fringe

While getting a fringe does technically require getting some hair cut off, it is one of the easiest and chicest ways to change your hairstyle.

If you’re stuck for what to get, ask your hairstylist what style of fringe will work best for your face shape, and go from there.

Curtain bangs are always cool (see Dakota Johnson), plus we’re loving Kristen Stewart’s grunge new micro-fringe for those with the confidence to pull it off.

Try face-framing colour

Playing with highlights and low-lights around the face can totally transform your look.

Money pieces (two lighter tendrils at the front of hte hairline) are a great way of drawing attention – and adding light and luminosity – to the skin and lend a sun-kissed touch to your look, even in the depths of winter.

Likewise, an all-over gloss or tint can boost hair health and add shine and lustre, taking your hair colour to new heights instantly.

Change your parting

It’s the easiest trick in the book, but switching up your parting can completely change the aesthetic and vibe of your hairstyle.

If you’re someone who always wears their hair in a centre parting, why not try flipping it to the side for more volume and a sweeping side-fringe?

Likewise, on the other side.

Try a new styling technique

Curling tong devotee? Maybe it’s time to try air-drying your hair (with the help of our Air Dry Spray, of course) and work with your natural texture.

Or perhaps you’re a low maintenance girl – is now the time to try a more glamorous professional blow dry?

Could you plait your hair before bed and see what happens come morning?

Whatever it is, make it your mission to switch up your styling routine this month, and see what happens.