pony model

Ah, the humble pony. Humble because, for a style that’s essentially about tying your hair up at the back, it hasn’t half gone to town on options. One way or another, it remains in style – day after day, year after year – and if there’s one thing we can say about a pony, is that it’s always got your back. Step aside from the mirror for one moment and you’ll see that the pony also forms the basis of a long list of other up-do styles. So, learn the foundations of a good pony, and you’ve got the building blocks for seriously Great Hair. Frankly, with all that on its CV, you’d think the pony would have a big ego. But in fact, it’s modest too. Which is why we created the Hershesons 11: a list of pony tweaks to elevate, chop and change your look – all in a matter of moments…

1. Position

Of all the one-minute pony tweaks you can make, this is the one that arguably says more than any other, about your character (or the one you’re playing today). High up on the crown and it’s girlier and more playful; the kind you wear to spin class on Tuesdays. Position it on the bone at the back of your head (in line with the height of your ears), and it gives a sense of control and seriousness. Like you mean business. Secure it low down on your nape, and it’s minimal – a little androgynous, even. The ideal balance between understated and chic.

2. Texture

Another tweak that speaks (ahem) volumes. A ruffled, just-out-of-bed texture has a cool kind of nonchalance to it, (we wouldn't recommend it for job interviews or meeting the in-laws for the first time). Slick it back, and it looks tighter, smoother and says ‘don't mess with me.' We like to call this the power pony.

side view ponytail

3. Parting

It’s so simple and easy to part ways with our regular parting. So, why do so many of us stick with the same one, day after day? A centre part with a low pony can feel youthful and innocent, adding a pretty frame to the face. Slide that parting over to one side, and your look is instantly more boyish. Pair with a brushed-up brow, and you'll offset any girlier elements to your look with a cool, masculine edge. Use a comb to make your side parting super clean and crisp – then take a gold star.

4. The bit around your ears

We like to think of this tweak as a faux facelift. Secure the hair just above the ears tightly into your pony, and it'll add a subtle lift to the eyes and cheekbones, while slimming your face overall. Didn’t we tell you we’d deliver on instant results?

ponytail extension ponytail accessories

5. Moving back to the crown

Let’s talk about height: add a little lift at the crown with some gentle backcombing (and a blast of dry shampoo for good measure), and (strange but true) it makes your eyes stand out. Give it a whirl – you’ll see what we mean.


6. Let’s not forget the front

This is height part two: when you add a smidgen of height at the very front section of your hair (you can simply zhoosh it with your fingers), suddenly, your pony looks a little more polished. Like it got out of bed some time ago – and now it’s ready for an outing.


7. Make it swish like a mane

Spindly little ends do not a Great Pony make. Which is why we invented our new Human Hair Invisible Ponytail. Clip it in, and Bob will be your uncle. Alternatively, if you already own our Original Clip In 100% Human Hair (take two gold stars), you can apply it upside down, then smooth the lengths into your pony to make it look full and gorgeous.

8. Fix it in place

Please don’t use that grotty little elastic that’s been gathering old make-up powder and chewing gum at the bottom of your handbag since 2016. You can use one of our snag-free Hair Ties, (they come in a range of colours to match or clash with your outfit). Or do what the pros do: buy a long roll of elastic and wrap a length around the base of your pony multiple times before tying it tightly in place. It keeps your pony super secure – so things don't go all saggy.

9. Tame a little

For those times when you need to see the situation clearly without hair getting in your eyes, (an important meeting, a gym class, walking down the street texting…), mist some hairspray onto an old toothbrush and use it to smooth and set those strays in place.

10. Soften a lot

On the flip side of those occasions, there are weekend brunches, dates and chill times when you’d rather your pony ease up a little. Make it more laid back by pulling out wisps at the front, or gently rubbing the palm of your hand over your hairline, to encourage baby hairs out into the open. Your look will be instantly softer and prettier – and it’ll get better with time.

11. Add a cherry on top

By all means, finish your pony with an accessory – we're big fans too. But if you're going to accessorise your pony – it needs to shout (not wither limply on the back of your head). Add a nice ribbon, tie it in a big bow. That’s one hell of a Great Pony you’ve got going on. Now no one’s ever going to call you a one-trick-pony.