A ponytail is an eternal classic that will never go out of style. High or low, straight or tousled, the trick to getting them just right lies in prepping with the right products and paying attention to the small details – not just dragging your hair back.

Here’s how to make your pony look polished – but perfectly effortless…

1. Consider the position

Of all the one-minute pony tweaks you can make, this is the one that arguably says more than any other, about your look (or the one you’re playing up today). High up on the crown and it’s girlier and more playful; the kind you wear to spin class on Tuesdays. Position it on the bone at the back of your head (in line with the height of your ears), and it gives a sense of control and seriousness. Like you mean business. Secure it low down on your nape, and it’s minimal – a little androgynous, even. The ideal balance between understated and chic.

2. Add texture

Create smooth movement by layering frizz-beating Almost Everything Cream beneath volumising Zhoosh Foam on wet hair before blow drying with this brush.  Then create your ponytail. For something more relaxed and tousled, you can always loosely tong the tail.

3. Switch up your parting

A centre parting with a low pony can feel youthful and innocent, adding a pretty frame to the face. Slide that parting over to one side, and your look is instantly more boyish. The point is that your parting makes a huge difference to your overall look, if you feel like switching things up day to day.

4. Contour your cheekbones

Secure the hair just above the ears tightly into your pony, and it'll add a subtle lift to your eyes and cheekbones, while slimming your face overall.

5. Add height at the crown

Adding some lift at the crown gives a nod towards a 60s vibe that instantly feels more elevated. Remember, you can always rub Zhoosh Foam into the roots to create some lift when you need it. 

6. Don’t forget the front

Likewise, adding a little height at the front, then using your blow dry brush to create a face-framing sweep like this will add polish to your look – particularly if you have curtain bangs. You can always tuck the front sections of hair behind each year, or rub some more Zhoosh in where you want some extra lift. 

7. Secure it the professional way

Please don’t use that grotty little elastic that’s been gathering old make-up powder and chewing gum at the bottom of your handbag since 2016. Use a snag-free hair tie or do what the pros do: buy a long roll of elastic and wrap a length around the base of your pony multiple times before tying it securely in place.

8. Create softness

If you’re after a super-slick ponytail, then feel free to skip this step. Otherwise, rubbing the palm of your hand gently over your hairline will free some baby hairs, add a little softness and make your pony less severe.

9. Tame frizz

If, on the other hand, you’ve got a halo of frizz that’s feeling out of control, you can smooth and amp up shine using a pea-sized amount of Almost Everything Cream.

10. Add an accessory

A hair ribbon adds a cute, retro vibe that feels feminine and instantly takes your pony up a notch.