When we gazed into our crystal ball at the beginning of January, we confidently predicted that the middy would be the cut of the year. A month or two on, and the middy is everywhere: at work, on the bus – and that’s before we even begin on your Instagram feed. So, you’ve got your middy length just right, (for those that need some refreshment: the ends should be longer than your collarbones – the level of your chest, right around where your armpit nook sits). Now, we have spring in our binoculars. So, naturally we want to max out our middy for the long haul.

mid length the solution

Feel free to test drive them on alternate days…

Sleek and sheeny

We’re thinking hints of nineties supermodels – Christy Turlington is your go-to. First things first: make sure your cut has blunt, chunky ends. This look draws its strength from the graphic nature of its shape – and how recently it appears to have been washed. While many a style gets better a day or two after washing, a sleek middy is the exception to the rule. Part of its charm and confidence-boosting capability lies in it looking freshly-washed, while moving with a bit of a swing.

sleek mid length hairbest mid length
Undeniably on-trend, brilliantly chic – in the most understated of ways – the middy comes with another contradiction too: many cuts are elevated by some cleverly-placed lighter bits. The sleek middy, by contrast, comes into its own when you unify it with one, solid shade. Combine a Great Cut with Great Colour and you’ve cracked the code for getting Great Hair+. Now, let’s gallop on to styling. Part your middy in the centre, making sure it really is bang in the middle. Because just like shape, symmetry is also key. Use your straightening irons to create a smooth, sheeny surface from root – almost to tip. As you reach the ends, use the iron to curl the ends under slightly. It's kind of cool, a smidgen sporty – plus a little bit sexy – all at the very same time. You can always use curling tongs instead, if they take your fancy.

Tousled and easy

When you need something a little more relaxed, but want a zhoosh all the same, some under-the-radar texture is the ideal half-way house.

brown middy

The thing to remember about the middy length, is that you need to be mindful of width. Add loads of texture, from root to tip, and you’ll end up with a Toblerone head. So, use your straightening irons to smooth just the surface layer of your hair, starting as close to the roots as you can. Leave the natural texture of the underneath sections to create some ‘invisible’ volume and ensure your look is undone and tousled – rather than totally triangular. Add a side parting for a preppy effect. We’re all about mini tweaks. Now go forth and work that middy.