DANIEL HERSHESON (5289434546334)


Founder & Chairman

Where it all began…

Fresh from experiencing life at a string of successful salons, by 1992, Daniel was on a mission to build a global hair brand. That brand is Hershesons. Bypassing traditional limits, his carefully hand-picked team and commitment to training homegrown talent #TheHershesonsWay – along with editorial collaborations and pioneering product development – means that Hershesons now has a reputation for setting the hair agenda – where others can only dream of following. To his own new and long-standing clients, he brings unparalleled insight, vision and experience – then pushes the boundaries, firm in the belief that no matter who you are of what type your hair, everyone can carry off the style they’ve always dreamed of. Fast-pasted, always innovating, Hershesons continues to evolve. The story continues…



PRICES: Cut & finish £360, Mens cut & finish £210




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