You know those days when your hair looks flat and lifeless? Let’s banish them for good. Our new Zhoosh Foam contains pioneering technology that gives it dry foam feel – perfect for adding instant oomph, volume and shape – even on dry hair.

Here’s 3 ways to use Zhoosh Foam on dry hair…

Absorb grease & lift flat roots

When you don’t have the time or energy to wash that second-day hair, Zhoosh brings it back to life – and only takes seconds. It looks like a mousse, but feels dry to the touch (not sticky or crunchy), absorbs grease, lifts flat roots and disappears in seconds when you rub about a plum-sized amount in. It’s a bit like a dry shampoo – but smarter: You get that gorgeous oomph and root lift – but it never looks or feels chalky.

Tease that crown

The crown is one of the places where our hair is more prone to falling flat, making your style look a bit lifeless overall. A little height at the crown gives you a super-flattering shape that instantly looks fresher and cooler – but remains natural and effortless. Rub a small amount of Zhoosh into the crown to get that immediate lift and shape, when a tiny tweak is all it takes to make your hair look 100% better.

Add instant tousled texture

Bringing out the natural texture of your hair is one of Hershesons’ signature moves. On those days when your hair is hanging shapeless and heavy, or some sections have a little movement and others just won’t play ball, you can scrunch a plum-sized amount of Zhoosh into the mid-lengths and ends. Again, despite appearances, Zhoosh actually transforms to a dry texture, so gives you easy body and movement that enhances your natural texture – but won’t ever leave it feeling sticky or crunchy.

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