We’re not going to lie to you: our brand new Zhoosh Foam has been years in the making. Because, just like it’s much-loved cousin, Almost Everything Cream, Zhoosh isn’t like anything you’ve used before. It’s throwing down the gauntlet to all those products that don’t deliver on their promises, and creating a whole new game-changing category that gives you the Great Hair you deserve. 

“We created Zhoosh because, as professional stylists, we couldn’t find the perfect product to instantly bring flat, limp or shapeless hair back to life again – without leaving it sticky or crunchy. Zhoosh comes with a revolutionary dry foam texture that makes it easy to use on both wet or dry hair”. – Luke Hersheson. 

So, what does Zhoosh do?

Zhoosh is inspired by that little thing you (or your hairdresser) do when you want your hair to have a little more oomph. It could be teasing the crown to add height; pinching the front section of your hair to create a face-framing sweep; or pincering the mid-lengths between your fingertips to get natural, piece-y texture. The point is, it instantly makes your hair look better – and everyone’s zhoosh is slightly different.

Why is Zhoosh unlike other products?

Traditional mousses tend to feel wet to the touch, and leave your hair looking sticky or crunchy (no thanks). Zhoosh contains a pioneering ‘dry foam’ technology, meaning it skips on by the usual thickeners, and instead, contains a carefully calibrated blend of starch an alcohol. The unique texture is airy and light, feels dry and absorbs in seconds. So you get all the benefits of oomph and movement, without stickiness or crunching.

Who is Zhoosh for?

Zhoosh has been formulated for all hair types – including fine, thick, curly, long and short hair. If you love a blowout, it’ll help you achieve a smooth, bouncy look with minimal time and effort when you scrunch it into wet mid-lengths and ends. If you’re into showing off your natural texture, you can rub it into the roots to absorb day two grease, add a little lift and shape – and push that next hair wash back.

Can’t wait to try it?

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