Zendaya’s Old Money blowdry is everything

Zendaya’s Old Money blowdry is everything

Ask any one of the Hershesons team who is killing it in the hairstyle department right now, and they’ll say Zendaya. While on the press tour for Challengers, she’s not just pulled a number of noteworthy outfits out the bag, but hairstyles too. Alongside slick, tennis-appropriate ponytails (she plays a tennis champion in the film), our favourite of her looks has been her bouncy “old money” blow dry.

With her hair styled into a deep side parting, her voluminous bob – which, incidentally, she’s had for a while now – has taken on a new lease of life. It looks healthy, glamorous, super feminine and the epitome of luxurious, on the red carpet and off it. Tapping into a wider trend for more polished hair, her blow dries typically feature a curled, bouncy end and always a frizz-free finish. It’s ladylike and luxe, just how we like it.

‌How to get the Look

So, how to achieve the perfect old money blow dry at home? Luke has some tips:

Firstly, prep the hair – a polished finish is as much about the products you use as how you style it. If you’re styling from wet, apply our Almost Everything Cream to damp hair after you’ve brushed it – it enhances shine and deals with frizz.

Next, it’s all about applying some Air Dry Spray, spraying through the roots and mid-lengths of the hair to add volume and body. Blow dry it in.

After that, use some Velcro rollers and roll sections of hair away from the face, backwards. Blow-dry them in, then leave for five minutes or so.

When you let them out, avoid using a thick-bristle brush as it will take the volume out. Instead, use your fingers to brush through.

Secure a deep side-parting, á la Zendaya, then flick the edges of the hair out. And voila, old money blow-dry in five easy steps.