Winter Hair Rescue Tips. Winter weather means hair hang ups! So our stylists' have some winter SOS top tips for rescuing, maintaining and coping with your hair. Key Stylist, Sarah Louise's Tip One - 'Ola Plex is amazing for fixing dry damaged hair for good! We do this treatment in our salons and it works so well!' Find a stylist and Book now for a treatment. Sarah Louise's Tip Two - 'Sleep with oil through the mid sections and ends of the hair. This will provide deep nourishment.' Key Artist, Nicholas Hardwick's Top Tip - To treat hair I'm all about Kerastase Fusio Dose Rituals which works instantly so it's perfect for time saving. It also lasts up to 5 washes so you feel the benefits for 7-10 days! Style Wise: If you're concerned about constantly having to apply heat using a hair dryer, iron or curling tong, or even if you're just bored of wearing your hair down, SarahI recommends treating you hair to the Hershesons Carlam at our Blow Dry Bar. You'll soon discover that you can productively avoid all the above with a cool up style. Book now! Alternatively we stock a range of Braided Headbands for faster styling options. Click Here to find out more.