We all want the perfect cut, right? At Hershesons, we’ve made the NO-CUT CUT something of a trademark.

Otherwise known as the “invisible cut” – it’s the equivalent of no-makeup makeup and works on all lengths, from bobs to extra-long.

It’s also
 Requires minimal styling
 Needs very few products

This week over @Hershesons, we broke it down and got into the nitty gritty of why it’s just so great. Here’s 6 insider ways to make the NO-CUT CUT look incredible on you too.  

Create invisible layers

A Great Cut is built on a great shape. Whether your hair is long or bob-length, adding soft “invisible” layers around the ears and chin will frame your face by curving gently around your eyes and cheekbones. We create ours using a razor on wet hair, to keep things soft and subtle.

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Get a “good split end”

So, you want to keep your length – but need some extra shape, so it doesn’t look like a dead weight? Skip on by those ruler-straight primary school ends, and get a “good split end”. Ask your stylist to use serrated scissors, which cut around 1/3 of the hair between the blades. This leaves your tips with a soft, fluid feel that maintains the length, without it looking straggly. @LukeHersheson shows us how it’s done, from within his closet right here.

Let your bones guide your bob

An in-between length simply won’t work on a bob. As a rule of thumb, we think a bob should always sit somewhere above the bone at the back of your neck. Got a great jawline? The Hair Bros explain how to take things up a notch and show off your lovely neck over here.

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Get a French girl fringe

Long or bob-length, there’s a fringe for pretty much everyone. Our signature fringe is ever-so-slightly shorter in the middle, to bring out your eyes and frame your face. It also grows out really naturally, emitting effortless French girl vibes.

Try this 3-minute styling trick

We know that a Great Cut never relies on arm-knackering styling – or tons of over-hyped styling products. Which is why we created Almost Everything Cream. Twist one pump or two into wet hair – then simply diffuse or leave to air dry. Because you’ve laid the foundation with a great cut and shape, this 3-minute trick is all you need to bring out your hair’s natural movement and feel more confident in you.

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Play with your parting

Once you’ve got that great shape, the world really is your oyster. Create a centre part and you’ll get that face-framing swoop. Or flick it to the side for a little extra height that switches things up and does wonders for your bone structure. Desperate to get the NO-CUT CUT? Two months into lockdown and boy, do our bad split ends hear you. The good news is, our APPOINTMENT WAITING LIST will open up right here soon.