So, you want a new look. Maybe you’re tired of bobs and long hair. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a Pixie Crop for ages – but chickened out at the last moment.

Many of us think going that short, losing the comfort blanket of long hair and leaving our face and neck to fend for themselves is too risky. Here’s why the Hershesons Pixie Crop will look good on you – and why it may just be time to take the plunge.

What is it?

The Pixie Crop is a timeless classic in that it’s been in fashion for decades. It’s short, gamine and super cute in a boyish way that remains sexy and feminine. The length and shape of a Pixie are also great for emphasising your bone structure. Not to mention it takes less than a minute to style.

Who are the A-list references?

Twiggy, Demi Moore, Linda Evangelista, and Keira Knightley have all rocked a Pixie Crop. It feels fresh and modern – especially if you’ve been stuck in a hair rut or feel weighed down by long, ‘meh’ hair.

How does it work?

In true Hershesons style, we like to keep our Pixies looking easy and natural. We use a razor to create beautifully soft edges around the hairline. This means it never looks masculine or severe – just super feminine and pretty.

Who does it work on?

As surprising as this may sound – pretty much everyone! All face shapes and hair types (unless your hair is very curly).

How do you style it?

The beauty of a Pixie Crop is that it really takes no time at all to style. Simply smooth a pump of Almost Everything Cream through it when wet to beat frizz and add a little texture – then you’re good to go. 

Who to book?

Adrian, Premlee, Daniel, Conor, Samuel and Ben are all dab hands at creating the perfect Pixie.

See it in action at Hershesons...