Thicker hair

How to make fine, flat or thinning hair look fuller naturally, is ranking high on our list of most-asked questions right now. Given that there are more than 33,000 Google searches on the subject each month, we’re guessing we’re not alone.

So let’s break this down; cut through the BS and “miracle” promises – and get down to some straight-talking business. Here's what to do – and what not to do – to get fuller, thicker-looking hair. We don't promise miracles, but we do promise that you too can get really Great Fuller Hair.



Maintain your roots

Ever wondered why your hair not only looks brighter after your highlights or balayage appointment - but also looks fuller too? Bleach actually swells the hair, lending it a whole new texture, so roots look and feel fuller.

Grown out fringe

Get a grown-out fringe

We’re firm believers in there being a fringe for everyone. If your hair is on the fine side, a curtain fringe or grown-out bangs can add shape to your overall style, which deceives people into thinking its fuller.

Tease that crown

Tie your hair up in a pony or a twist – then loosen it at the crown to add a little lift, using this flat brush. Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham are both experts in making this ‘60s-inspired shape look modern. And making their hair look full-on great.

Add fillers

Whatever your personal opinion of injectable skin fillers (and we salute you, either way), our in-salon Tape Extensions work in a similar – but non-invasive – way: they fill in gaps, replacing lost volume, to give you an overall fuller effect that lasts for up to six weeks.



Use heavy hair products

These will, quite literally, weigh your fine hair down. As a rule of thumb, avoid styling products with a greasy texture (oils and serums) and instead, opt for lighter creams and sprays. Try misting TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray into roots before blow drying. Our Almost Every Cream was recently rated amongst This Morning’s top bargain products for a reason: it multi-tasks as an anti-frizz, pro-shine cream that helps add definition while remaining feather-light.

Almost Everything Cream

Get blunt tips

Asking your stylist to cut chunky, blunt ends will only make your hair look flat and solid. To add fullness, we need to create the illusion of flow and movement, so a few well-placed layers are always a smarter option.

Ask for all-over colour

One colour looks one-dimensional, which is one mighty enemy of fine or thinning air. Soft highlights or balayage add depth and movement, to make for a total, hair-thickening winner. Got a hair issue you need solving? Tag us @Hershesons and your Great Hair Solution is coming right up.