Try these hair accessories for excellent holiday hair

Try these hair accessories for excellent holiday hair

There’s nothing quite like a good hair accessory during party season. The perfect time to adorn hair with twinkling barrettes or velveteen bows, adding an accessory into your hair creates instant festive appeal, no effort required.

Not only do they instantly transform your look, but the right hair accessory can make you feel glossy and pulled together. They can be worn all year round, but during Christmas time, we give bonus points for a touch of sparkle.

Here’s our guide to the best to try now.

Hair bows

The hair bow has become a celebrity go-to in recent months. Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple recently showed off matching black bows, while Hailey Bieber, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Kravitz, Dua Lipa, Sydney Sweeney and Margot Robbie have also tried the trend. Not to mention bows feature regularly during fashion month – see Simone Rocha’s London shows for the prettiest inspiration.

An unapologetically feminine look, it’s all about leaning into the girlish nature of the style – but toughening it up a bit via another element of your look, like a smudged eyeliner or slightly mussed-up finish. Opt for black grosgrain or velvet ribbon (both of which are affordable in department stores) or try a ready-made clip-in option. We love Bimba Y Lola’s hair bow clip.




Slide an embellished barrette into your hair to add detail in seconds. Whether pearl or diamanté, the more contrast against your hair colour, the better – they look great when worn to secure a side parting. We also love stacking a few clips on the same side of the hair for a utilitarian, super cool spin on the trend.




The Alice band has made its comeback in the last couple of years – now brands like Prada, Gucci and Chanel sell styles worth writing home about. They come in an array of different guises, from padded to leather, and can be worn in up-dos or in longer, loose hair. See Jennifer Lawrence for inspiration.