Whether your hair is totally on point – or needs a little zhoosh in the right direction, Instagram is the source of inspiration that just keeps on giving. Case in point: our TOP 5 looks that rode the Instagram wave this summer. From a shaggy fringe to a soft, choppy bob; a New Wave Perm to an ear-kissing crop and the heartwarming story behind our new hero’s decision to go the whole hog – we know there’s something for everyone. Just one important disclosure: we believe in making the best of what you have. So by all means – go scroll – take inspiration from a cute fringe or a chunky layer here and there. Whatever tickles your fancy. But if there’s one thing we all-out insist on, it’s that you rock your zhoosh your way – with as much confidence as you can muster. Because at the end of the day, there’s no one better at being you than you, right? Here’s our TOP 5 Summer Instagram Looks. Now, how will you wear yours?

Look 1: The Ear Kissing Crop

If long hair can act as a comfort blanket, shrouding your neck and shoulders in cashmere-like lengths, then a crop such as this is your antidote. Fresh and liberating, a confidence booster for sure; you’ll feel the breeze around your neck (which, by the way, will appear longer) and will need only one effortless side swish to be wearing this look with your very own flavour of sass.

Look 2: The New Wave Perm

So long ‘80s nightmares; sayonara crunchy, moussed corkscrew curls. There’s a new breed of perm in town which is softer, cooler, looser and so generally laid back that we think you and it will be firm friends for sure. If you’re all a-dither and can’t quite commit, you can always give these tongs a whirl and try the look on for size.

Look 3: The Fringed Shag

You know what they say: a change is as good as a rest. So think on this look as a holiday for your hair, in that it’ll give you a new lease of life. A full, shaggy fringe lends you a laissez-faire vibe, with a splash of Sienna Miller-like boho thrown in (for the chickens amongst us, there’s always this Clip In to consider). Did we mention that it’ll frame your eyes too – really, what are you waiting for?

Look 4: The Soft Bob

We think a bob can look great on pretty much everyone – particularly if it’s as wearable as this. It’s soft, a little choppy – carries hints of French girl cool – and will grow out beautifully. Accessorize with a full brow and gold hoop earrings, and there’s no doubt you’re onto a winner.

Look 5: The Superhero

We hate to play favourites, but this one’s our firm favourite. Meet Ava, who cut off her gorgeous long hair and donated it to The Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs to children and young people with hair loss. Not only is she a total superhero, but she knocks the buzz cut look out of the ballpark too.
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REGRAM - @adrian_at_hershesons Ladies & gents let me introduce you to this incredible little human being called Ava. In my professional career I come across many people who inspire me to be a better person, but today I was simply blown away by this amazing, kind and brave ten year old, who decided to donate her beautiful hair to @officiallittleprincesstrust There were tears and a round of applause from her mum and my work colleagues... Thank you @valentine.ava you are a true little S T A R !!! #HairByAdeck @hershesons #hershesons #DanielHersheson#ConduitStreet #London #Mayfair#PhotoByAdeck P.S. it was Ava’s choice to go full #StrangerThings @milliebobbybrown#MillieBobbyBrown #eleven If you fancy donating too find Ava10 on #JustGiving website #Hershesons

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