Top knots… they’re autumn/winter’s hair understatement and the ultimate off duty go to look. However as we all know, it isn’t as effortless to pull off the perfect messy bun. Taking 74 attempts to create the ‘effortless’ look just isn’t so effortless. So how do you achieve it? Always start by using dry shampoo to give it a matt texture. Then use a mixed bristle brush to back comb just a little, not too much and then twist the hair into a ballerina-like bun but not so perfectly. Celebrities embraced the topknot at MoMa’s Film Benefit with Rooney Mara styling her sleek twist with a dash of red lipstick. Our take on this look is The Pun, a nuanced version of the traditional bun and the traditional ponytail. A tweak, something fresh but casual. The knotted detail gives this style an air of understated nonchalance. How do I create this look?
1/ tie your hair in a ponytail and divide into two sections. 2/ knot the sections as if you beginning to tie a shoe-lace. 3/ wrap the knot around itself like a bun and pin/grip in place to secure. 4/ play; take the final look into your own hands and gently tease out for a personalised take on the trend.
Do you need to add length? Why not try our Invisible Ponytail to add extra thickness and have more hair to work with? Available in a range of colours finding a colour match is easy. Wearing the topknot with a twist, Diane Kruger. Opting for the half up half down off the face look. Brushed neatly back into the knot just at the top of the back of the head. Creating a spin on the original messy bun. This look is effortless to achieve and is great if you want to experiment with a new style and turn heads! Create these catwalk looks at home with Hershesons Pins and Grips, Clear Elastics and the Hershesons Mixed Bristle Brush. Or book yourself into one of our Blow Dry Bars and ask for The Pun.