Just as we often switch–up our wardrobe and skincare routine at the change of a season, the onset of Autumn is the perfect time to give your hair a new lease of life. But where to start?

For looks that flatter, feel effortless and are easy to style, there’s no better place to start than with the experts. Which is why we asked some of our stylists and colourists to reveal their top three trends to take your hair into the new season.


Still hot from summer, reds in the form of copper, strawberry and fox auburn are coming into their own this autumn. Even better, they’re the ideal way to transition your post–summer hair into a new season.

"Dimensional bronze and coppers are the perfect antidote to sun-bleached hair. Think deeper shades with pops of lighter pieces in a rich, warm tone," says colourist, James. "This can be tailored to naturally lighter or darker hair, with deep golds and strawberry tones for blondes, or bronze and copper for darker shades."

James likes to add lowlights for more depth, before smudging and toning lighter sections of the hair and adding glosses to amp up that shine and dimension.


Whilst we love a layered look (see our top trending short styles), some people find them to be high maintenance. The antidote? This low maintenance, softly–layered look that looks great, no matter what your hair texture (especially when you use Air Dry Spray and Almost Everything Cream to bring out some natural movement).

"Chunky layering often requires a blow dry to look good, so softer layers, whether long or short, will create natural texture and movement and easily sustain both air drying and heat styling,” says stylist, Samuel. He likes to call these layers, "life’s too short layers".

If you have naturally curly hair, these softer, more fluid layers are also a great way of building in shape and definition. "For those with natural curls, the cold weather will create more of a need for diffusing versus air drying, with a higher priority placed on using products to prevent frizz.” For curl definition, scrunch Almost Everything Cream into wet hair, then put your hairdryer on the diffuser setting for quick and easy styling routine.



From summer’s long styles that look great with a power blow dry (see our Old Money and Ghost Cut looks), one of the easiest ways to shake up your look without losing your length is with this season’s Chic Shag.

“This autumn's predicted hair trend is this soft shag, which is great for those rainy days as it involves zero-effort styling, minimal product and works on straight, wavy or curly hair," says stylist, Conor.

Ideal if you want to add more movement and volume to long hair, this look relies on a specific cutting technique: "We’re looking for maximum texture, so using a razor is ideal when cutting this," adds Conor.