power bob
There are times in life when we need our self-confidence to be driving at full pelt. And yet, and yet; it happens to us all – sometimes our inner cheerleader hesitates, pressing its foot gently on the brakes. So, here’s what we know: when you need to look like you’ve got life sorted and have the confidence to prove it, a Great Cut can fuel your sense of power. Case in point, there's a new Power Bob (PB) in town - and it'll work on you, for sure. Just follow our thinking, make our styling tips your own, and we're confident that when it comes to boosting your confidence, this cut could just be your Personal Best.
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It entered our subliminal on Instagram (as almost everything does). Then we loved it on Irina Shayk, model Lily Jean and Julia Hobbs – British Vogue’s Senior Fashion & Trends Editor, too. So, just what is this new bob – and why does it hold such sway? The new Power Bob is chin length with chunky, razor-sharp ends, that hang together, like a great curtain of hair. Stylists call it a case of "perfect scissoring." The Power Bob comes with a natural width to the ends, lending your look shape, so it never falls flat on your face. It also moves with a gentle swing about your naked neck – so it’s sort of sexy - in a subtle way. All in all, it feels fresh and fitting for spring.
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But really, if the PB had a middle name, it would ultimately be "precision." With precision comes "certainty": that close, unwavering cousin of "confidence." Which of course, is the secret to its power. Those crisp, clean ends don’t waver. Nor do they dither over smashed avo on toast or French pancakes. Because they’re way too decisive for that. They simply say I'll have extra syrup – darn straight. This cut knows its own mind, so that’s exactly what it’ll say about you too. The graphic shape requires commitment – a sign that you mean business. As if life really should know better than to mess with you. The best bit is, the new PB is low maintenance – and is versatile enough to suit pretty much everyone – regardless of your vibe or face shape.
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With its neat ends, it feels a little childlike – like the first haircut you had at pre-school. Which means it adds a youthful look, no matter what your age. Add a hair slide or a pair of chunky earrings, and you’re onto a winner with your modern power look. Styling wise, it’s cute when worn with a side parting. A centre part feels a little more cool and modern. You can also keep it poker straight; add a gentle bend here and there, or tong it and flick it over to the side. The point is that the new PB will bend and flex according to your diary, outfit and how you’re feeling on any given day. It’s you – with extra. It’s you – with power. And whatever else it delivers in the way of compliments, one thing it can be relied on to bring in bucket loads is of course – that killer confidence. Shall we get you a PB now?