We don’t know about you, but after the last few months, we want to lighten up.

Step forward PLB (Post Lockdown Blonde): new technique, fresh-as-daisy beach blonde. Not only do we think you’ll have more fun, but book in with our Great Blonde experts – and this summer’s No 1 colour will also perk up your skin and give you that super *GLOW*. 

Want to see it in action?

Who tried it? Pia Cattapan.
Who did she book? James F at Hershesons Harvey Nichols.
The references: Kim Basinger, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

 Pia came into Hershesons Harvey Nichols this week to see James F. He’s our go-to guy for easy Great Colour that looks natural and radiant – never brassy or overdone. Pia’s post-lockdown roots were dark and dull (sound familiar?)

Pia wanted to lighten up-up. So James used balayage to create that lift, while keeping things soft – rather than streaky.


He then applied a slightly deeper toner to Pia’s hair at the backwash, once Pia’s naturally dark hair had lifted. This smudged out the roots for a totally natural, beachy look that reflects the light – and gave Pia that summer glow.
Want to lighten up? Better book yours now.