You and your curly hair have been through a lot together. And no more so than this year.

If yours has grown out during lockdown, seems to have lost its geddup-and-go –and has become about as manageable as your inbox, we’ve got the no-effort curl solution for you.

Meet The Hershesons 101 on Great Curly Hair.

What is it?

A Hershesons classic, in that it’s super simple, but creates great shape in the hair once it’s dry. We know that curly hair needs a Great Cut to make it pop and create shape once it’s dry , (otherwise it ends up looking like a mass of curliness). The Great Colour adds depth, making the curls more defined.


What are the benefits?

How long have you got?

✓ Gorgeous, I-just-woke-up-with-this shape

 Versatility:  flick it this way or that and you can switch up your look in seconds

 Oomph: this cut puts the bounce back in limp, lifeless curls

 Slinky curls – not haywire frizz

 Face-framing bits to make your eyes and cheekbones POP

 A sun-kissed glow. And no one ever said no to that

 It lasts. Invest in this double down on cut and colour, and you’ll probably only need to repeat it twice a year

More than anything, we know that curls that refuse to play ball can take hours from your life. This gives you back your mornings by laying the foundations of your look in the cut, then bringing it to life via the colour. Together, they make for easy-breezy styling that takes a few minutes – or less.


Who does it work on?

Anyone with curls that feels like they just want more from their hair. It’s an investment because curly hair appears to grow a bit slower, so this will last you longer.


The A-list references…

Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Nenah Cherry all rocked it back in the day. Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Shakira and Rihanna have kept up the good work.


So, how does it work?

When Eve came to us, her post-lockdown hair had grown out at different lengths, leaving her with a longer bit at the back, that really wasn’t adding anything at all. We levelled up her hair game, so it all just tickled her shoulders.  Then topped things off with our signature “Slice”. Rather than layering the front, we skimmed the very front section, slicing a little off, to make Eve’s curls behave in such a way that they frame her face – without her needing to style them at all.

This technique takes confidence, because unlike most hairdressers who feel they need to cut every strand of hair, we select the bits that really matter.

James at Harvey Nichols finished Eve's look by hand-painting on blonde babylights to the mid-lengths and ends. The result was a halo-like glow that complemented Eve's skin but looked effortlessly sun-kissed and natural.


How do I style it?

Two products – no messin’. Mix two pumps of Almost Everything Cream with one of Kérastase Crème de Boucles and apply straight to wet hair to tame frizz and define your curls. 

Then, DO NOT TOUCH. No, really – you’ll only whip up frizz and fuzzy bits. Instead, grab this hairdryer, attach a diffuser, then let your hair fall into it as you dry your hair at low heat, on a low speed. Once dry, flick your new soft, bouncy curls to the side. We love it when your curls dip gently over one eye.


Who do I book?

Conor M, Natasha, Kate I, Jordan G, David G, Adrian P, Gemma M for your Great Curls Cut. The genius James is your guy for that glow.


Want to see how it’s done? Eve is loving it right here.