(hint: it’s not really that effortless!)

“My hairstyle of choice is like no hairstyle at all… I’m just keeping it real!”

Think minimum effort, maximum impact before creating a look (or anti-look) that still has the power to exude ultimate coolness. It’s practical, minimal but demanding. Surprised? Well don’t be.

Non-hair is actually only available to a select lucky few and can come with a high price tag. If you don’t have the necessary ‘natural’ assets, effortless hair can be time-consuming and pricey. It often requires some heavy hands-on ‘texturising’ and plenty of product. So how effortless is ‘effortless hair’? Because for something so minimal, it promises quite a lot.

Almost every blog post and news article states that it's super easy to do, it makes you look effortlessly cool and will most definitely work on any hair length. Do you believe the hype?

The look covers anything from disheveled and textured to just a tiny hint of wave, but despite its air of nonchalance the ‘undone’ vibe it’s actually quite considered. Getting your hair (in its most rawest, natural state) to look not good, but great requires effort – quite a lot in fact. And any one who claims “I woke up like this” is fabricating unless they’re one of the select few who is blessed with natural barely-there waves.

But despite the hard work, an all-encompassing obsession with effortless style is trending. We too favour air-dried hair, which if you don’t already know is the direct antithesis of a big, brushed blowout. It’s mussed up, runway-approved and goes hand-in-hand with a devil may care attitude. What’s more, we have a wash-and-go solution that really works.

Long straight hair with a subtle diffused wave is key to nailing this look. Our Tourmaline Curling Tong is specifically designed to help you achieve a loosely formed wave or Demi-Wave. All you have to do is tong random sections of your hair (preferably the night before) then wake to easy, natural, less uniformed waves.

Luke says:

“I think this texture is the hair that all women secretly want. It feels easy and believable, as if it happened with hardly any work or technique. Its ease is incredibly alluring - it’s simple but sexy at the same time.”

key tips:

Ultimately it all comes down to how long you keep your hair on the curling tong. If you leave it on too long you’ll get a super tight ‘prom’ curl so hold for one second max. Remember to grab randomly sized sections and alternate the direction of your curl. Watch our quick and easy hair tutorial on how to rock this perfectly 'imperfect' look.

key product:
We wouldn't get far without our Tourmaline Curling Tong - it's the ultimate power-tool for speed styling.

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