A tousled bob that brings out your hair's natural texture, has effortless shape and looks as good straight or gently tonged is one of this year's most popular styles. And we think it's here to stay.

So, what’s the secret? And how can you make sure your stylist gets your bob to exactly where you want it to be?

"Many hairdressers overcomplicate bobs by adding fussy layers. A great bob remains super simple – and is all about creating the right outline, with piecey, shattered ends,” says Luke Hersheson.

Skip excess layers

When we talk about the 'outline' of a cut, we mean the silhouette. The mistake that many people make when getting a bob is to focus on the internal elements of the cut by adding layers throughout. Likewise, while adding layers around the front may seem like a good idea, it can make it difficult to style and quickly look dated.

Focus on the ends

A Great Hairstylist will look at your hair and know instinctively whether to use scissors or a razor to get the most from your natural texture. To keep your bob fresh and modern, we like to create what we call 'shattered ends'. This means avoiding a cut that makes the tips ruler-straight and instead, breaking those ends up to create effortless tousle. Cutting the ends this way also adds piecey definition when you style it.

Find your perfect bob length

Everyone has an ideal bob length – and it may not necessarily be what you think it is. When Luke cut this bob, she originally wanted to keep it longer, but in fact, somewhere between chin and shoulder length proved to be just right. Luke deliberately kept the back chunky, but ensured that the edges still didn't look like a perfect line, so as to keep that 'shattered' feel. The sides were cut very slightly shorter so that her hair tilts towards her chin and frames her facial features.

The acid test

You'll know when your stylist has got your bob bang on when you can simply scrunch in some Almost Everything Cream and air dry your hair. For a little more impact, you could rub some Zhoosh Foam into the roots and flick the front to one side for extra height and volume. A light, loose tong will also enhance those shattered ends and natural definition. Remember that above all, less is more. So even tucking one side behind your ear creates shape and really pulls your overall look together.

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