We like to think of hair like a picture frame: get it right (particularly the front section), and it surrounds the face, enhancing our cheekbones, eyes and jawline while creating balance overall.

Step forward the 90s/00s fringe, which is experiencing a major revival right now. Inspired by Posh Spice, updated by Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Karlie Kloss (and many others), it works best when wearing your hair up (or half up).

“This easy styling trick is ideal for summer, as it not only frames your face, but also works best when wearing your hair up – so it’s out of the way when the weather is warmer.” – Luke Hersheson. 

What is the 00s/90s fringe?

Think Posh Spice and the All Saints girls. It’s those two pieces of hair that you leave out, so they add shape, movement and definition to your overall look. It’s also a great way to style your hair if you’re growing out a curtain bang.

How do I wear it?

This style works whether you’re wearing your hair in a ponytail, a bun or a half-up, half-down look. Leave two sections out at the front of the hair and allow them to hang naturally – or tuck one or both sides behind your ears, to create a face-framing curtain. The loose sections help soften an up-do, so it’s less severe and more flattering on most people.


How shall I style it?

For normal to curly hair, add a little Almost Everything Cream to wet hair to prevent frizz, section off your two front pieces, then tuck them behind your ears while leaving your hair to air dry. This will help set the shape in naturally, so the front sections bend a little at cheekbone height. 

If you have flat or heavier/thicker hair, you may want to give it a little help by blow drying some shape in. In this case, apply Almost Everything Cream and layer a plum-sized ball of Zhoosh Foam over the top. Then blow dry the front section, pulling it forward to create lift. Once dry, part the front section and again, tuck it behind your ears to create that lovely bend. Or use a tong to add a soft ‘S’ bend.

Does it work on curly hair?

Yes! Define wet curls by twisting in some Almost Everything Cream and let them air dry or speed things up a little by diffusing them on a low heat before sectioning off two front sections. This should enhance their natural shape and bounce – ideal for framing your face.

Any last tips?

Don’t make your 00s/90s fringe too thin, or it’ll look straggly rather than soft and easy.