Pleat updo hair style

As much as we love our hair down, free and easy-breezy, sometimes we long for something with a little more oomph. As if in answer to our hair prayers, there’s a modern-day updo in town. Like a crisp white tee or a timeless blazer, it’s chic and polished in an effortless way, that feels like you’ve hardly tried at all. Welcome to The Pleat – your hair's answer to having its very own superpower. So, why now, the new natural-looking updo, we hear you ask?

It puts you back in the driving seat

Firstly, every self-respecting style trend loves to do a U-turn at some point. So, after years of beachy waves, tousled bobs and textured looks, a style with a little more control seems like the perfect antidote.

It speaks volumes about your confidence

With hints of the Amazonian nineties supermodels about it (think Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington et al.), the new Pleat also reminds us of quintessentially British high society. Imagine Princess Diana in her hey-day and dare we say it, Meghan Markle’s favourite hairstyle right now. Add all this together, and the sum total is a message of total self-confidence.

It’ll look good on you too

If you have super short hair or a crop, you'll need to sit this one out (unless you fancy giving Clip In Extensions a go). Otherwise, middy to long hair, this style with look great on you. A classic French pleat at the back, its flattering, face-framing sections at the front give it an updated spin. Add a smidgen of height, keep those sides tight and hey presto – you’re working The Pleat too.

And now for a full disclosure: this look does require precision. So, if you’re great with grips and handy with some L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray, by all means, we wish you and your Pleat very well.

For those of us who are all fingers and thumbs, we’ve nailed the solution for you. Feeling fresh with an updated look for 2019, our new Blow Dry Bar styles are landing in stores from mid-November. Naturally, the Pleat is the star.

So sit back and relax; save your butterfingers for the important business of tending to your phone. We'll put the power back in your hands with the ultimate Pleat, so neither you nor your hair ever need feel like a mess again.