Bringing 90’s beauty back minimalism No sooner had we got to grips with the turn of 2014, when Spring/Summer trend reports proceed to send us spiraling back in time, inspiring a raft of retro beauty looks. We’re having a nineties moment all over again except this time we’re more refined, practiced and definitely well attuned to a fashion faux-pas. Nude skin, matte lips and super straight hair are unmistakable characteristics of the nineties movement seen fronting the runway and now circulating through the high street. Sorry girls, the big and brushed blow dry is out, so work on channeling that volume towards a subtle root lift and a poker-straight silhouette. This streamlined aesthetic is the new face of casual cool, throwing reference to the Californian skater scene and shaping street style for Summer ‘14. Slide3 Hold your straightened locks in place with hard metal accessories or barely-there clear snagless bands to emphasise the minimal silhouette. Hair is pulled straight back or worn in clean and preppy centre partings to accentuate the eyes with an easy, careless attitude. Unlike the 90’s as we knew it, this ‘new’ take on minimal is as sophisticated as it is insouciant. Hair is seen tucked, parted or fastened rather than hanging un-done and limp around fresh faces. The trend is tough but beautiful, a true nineties tribute only tempered by a prettier, cleaner, altogether more wearable vibe. Designers have rediscovered all over again that less is more so Luke Hersheson feels that “after so many years of obviously referenced hair, we still really want something that feels contemporary and not obvious. The whole slightly minimal, simple hair still feels so much for contemporary and functional than anything retro.” Do not mistake this growing trend for the strict androgynous minimalism that was rife in the early nineties, for we are referring to a light and clean palette with crisp sophisticated lines and a feminine edge. It’s never easy to judge a trend outside the context of its time but the nineties resurgence has long passed the borders of any given trend. It’s fast becoming a way of life alongside an odd mix of flawless grunge. The ‘new’ minimal haircut is completely in tune with the iconic and artful home-hacked crop of the nineties, thus explaining the rough and punkish textures we seek today. Nothing says low maintenance quite like the grunge bob that is purely organic and versatile. Let your hair create it’s own natural texture by rough drying your hair upside-down, tease at the roots and flip to one side before hair spraying the living hell out of it. Slide3_2 There’s no frills attached to this minimalistic approach so adopt your hair wardrobe for fuss-free dressing. Hit snooze one time too many to perfect this soft and elemental look. There’s a definite delicacy associated with minimalism that cannot be replicated with heavy styling. Constraint should be stressed and the right styling tools made crucial to ensure your hair looks easy, almost accidental. Texture is the main focus of this era that stages a dramatic return; full of cool classicism and sleek finishes. Proportions must change and your styles pared-down so take a deep-breath, relax, go out and grow-up because reality bites! Minimalism is back and you better get acquainted.