The kitty cut is going viral – here’s why

Heard of the kitty cut? If you haven’t yet, you will soon. Google searches for the viral hairstyle are up 950% in the last week and we’ve had a surge of requests in the salon. Taking its cues from the 1970s, the kitty is the wolf cut’s younger, softer sister, and is marked by lots of rounded, face-framing layers, sometimes a fringe (or at least some face-framing detail) and a frizz-free, shiny finish.

Emily Ratajkowski, with her sweeping bangs, and Suki Waterhouse are both giving good kitty cut right now. It’s a great mid-length style, but kitty-style layering can also be worn in longer and shorter hairstyles when cut correctly. In fact, it’s a great cut to try if you’re growing out a bob and still want a directional, cool look as you do so.

‌How to style it? As we mentioned, the kitty is all about a polished finish, so load up on our Almost Everything Cream to smooth flyaways, and use the nozzle on our Great Hairdryer to ensure air flow is directed down the hair shaft – it’s a pro secret to getting a soft, expensive-looking shine.