Eight Cuts 'Eight different head spaces. Eight separate templates, each one designed to be a starting point for defining your character. If you’re looking at this book, you’re thinking about one of the biggest creative choices we make; setting a look to live in. To be yourself in. Every hair idea comes from somewhere. It has to fit the times, fit your face, run hand-in-hand with fashion. It’s a building block of identity, a tool for everyday self-expression. One size uniformity can’t do that.
Which is why it’s time to talk about cutting again. A decade of non-cuts is being overturned here by a fresh Hersheson culture. these eight directional base line shapes are devised to be personalised. Some are shorter, some skew longer. There’s softness, and there’s structure. Each cut has a backstory blended from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties heroines of fashion, from street and pop-culture. All of them rebooted to be twenty first century relevant. And the whole point? Everything’s there to be discussed, adapted, tweaked and perfected. On you.’
words by Sarah Mower