Years of backcombing and using copious amounts of volumising hair products are about to become a thing of history because our fine-haired prayers have finally been answered!

Introducing: The Hair Thickening Hair Cut, a genius new hair cut that makes fine hair look instantly fuller and naturally thicker.

Designed within Daniel Hersheson, this cut ditches all conventional fine hair styling rules - opting for a finish that not only looks incredibly relevant, it also solves those dreaded flat hair problems with it's built-in volume.

The cut itself is an evolution of a ‘70s shag and builds in a complex structure of layers, creating mass in the mane. It’s heavy in short, blunt layers at the front and sides, but balanced with longer, choppier ones at the back.

The trick is the balancing of layers – by injecting the perfect amount based on the client’s hair and seeing what complements their face shape best. The goal is to create width in the lengths of the hair versus height at the roots, which is what people commonly perceive as volume.

No two cuts will be the same as each one is bespoke to the client to suit their individual needs. After a consultation, your stylist will tailor the technique to compliment your hair type and texture, all whilst making sure the end result is super versatile. When done, The Hair Thickening Hair Cut can be rough dried, scrunched, tonged, straightened or simply left to air dry naturally.

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