What you’re about to read will Blow. Your. Mind.

Meet The Good Split End: a  regular Hershesons rule-breaker that tosses everything you know about pesky split ends aside with a nonchalant “pah”. 

Because a Hershesons Good Split End gives your effortless movement, shape and easy-breezy cool factor. And it’s part of our ongoing shake up your look without losing your length series. So, let’s break this suits-everyone look down…

What is a Hershesons Good Split End?  

So, as urban legend would have it, a “split end” is always bad news. We’ve been told that they’re a symbol of damage, that they’ll “run up” your lengths – and generally spell no good at all.

As you know, we like to think differently.

We think that women love the look of hair when it looks like it hasn’t been cut. Our split ends are for those that love fluid, piece-y ends that never – ever – look like a hairdresser has cut them ruler-straight. You can recognise them from every Instagram picture you’ve ever paused on and thought “wow – that woman has amazing hair”. The point is, the hair looks naturally full of life and movement. And that’s what we call Great Hair.

Get your hair cut relatively frequently, reduce your heat tool use (see below) and damage will not be an issue.


What are the benefits?

The fact that it’s not “salon perfect” makes it easy-breezy, modern and cool. Any Hershesons Good Split End style will also look incredible as it grows out – and can be styled in a matter of minutes (read on, friends).

Who does it work on?

Everyone. Seriously. It works on all styles, hair types, face shapes and ages. The point is it looks natural on everyone – like a hair stylist was never really there.

The A-list references…

Olivia Munn, Christy Teigen, Daria Werbowy, Jourdan Dunn, Rose Huntington-Whiteley. You get the gist.


So how does it work?

The way we create a Good Split End is so unconventional it would make traditional hairdressers shudder. With a super-light, free-hand touch, we create these beautiful ends that bring natural movement to your style. The cherry on the sundae is the all-but-invisible angle we cut into the front section to create a natural bend around the cheekbones. It looks like you spent ages trying to get it that way. When – hey presto – you just woke up like that.

How do I style it?  

You know we like to keep things simple with our “maximum two minutes and two product styling routine” mantra. One-to-two pumps of Almost Everything Cream through wet lengths and ends – then leave it to air dry. Scrunch a smidgen extra through when almost dry, twist and shake your hair out.

Why’s it so Great?

Versatile. Effortless. Soft, full of life, saves you time and always looks Great. Really, need we say more?

Who do I book?

Ryan W, Adrian P, Shelley B, Gemma M, Grace N. H


We get it. You want to see it in action. Watch how we create Good Split Ends here.