A bob is one of those eternal cuts that will simply never go out of style. There’s Long bobs and Short Bobs. Bobs for curly hair and bobs with curtain bangs. We’ve even made the French Girl Bob and Italian Bob something of our own.

Now, there’s new bob that’s trending – and it promises to bring compliments your way. Meet the Flicked-Out Bob: inspired by 90s supermodel, Yasmeen Ghauri, the Flicked-Out Bob comes with a strong shape, bags of natural movement – and needs minimal styling from you.

“The Flicked-Out Bob adopts the self-confidence and strength of the 90s supermodels, but comes with a fresh, almost invisibly layered update that elevates your look and instantly makes your hair feel full of life,”

– Luke Hersheson.


What is the Flicked-Out Bob?

As the name suggests, this look comes with flicked-out ends that have natural texture and movement and never feel too done. In terms of length, let’s get specific: ask your stylist for something that hits between your jawline and shoulder for this 90s power vibe.



How do you cut it?

By definition, the Flicked-Out bob comes with great chunky ends that keep it feeling youthful, while giving it a definitive shape. In hairdresser-y terms, the ends are “graduated”, meaning the tips are ever so slightly layered to create the flick – without you needing to style or tong a bend into them.


Who are the A-list references?


Yasmeen Ghauri and the 90s Versace runways are your go-to here. This cut exudes confidence and power while still feeling feminine and relevant. You can also namecheck fellow super Christy Turlington, along with Meg Ryan, Kourtney Kardashian, Kaia Gerber - plus Olivia Culpo, Naomi Scott and Billie Eilish at the 2022 Academy Awards. 


Who does it work on?

The great thing about the Flicked-Out Bob is that we can adapt it for your hair type (although, to get that flick, it helps to have fairly straight hair). If you have fine hair, the chunky ends will help it look fuller. If your hair is already thick, we can cut the layers in such a way that it thins the ends out and gives your style more shape overall.


How to style it

Easy-breezy is best here, because the cut does so much of the hard work for you with the built-in flick. Being lighter and faster than anything you’ve used before, the Great Hairdryer will get your bob smooth and shapely in a matter of minutes.

Air-dried is also quick and cute – especially when you use the Great Hair Clips in our Air-Dry Kit to create effortless face-framing shape. To control frizz while keeping your natural texture, a pump of Almost Everything Cream run through the mid-lengths and ends while wet is a must. The bag-sized 50ml version is also idea for busting frizz on-the-go. We love to flick the one section to one side and rub in a little Zhoosh Foam for extra root lift and some 90s supermodel confidence.