tapes extensions

Like woolly tights, cashmere jumpers and your favourite chunky scarf – winter and thick, glossy hair with a stroke-me-now texture seem to suit each other down to a tee. Yet, thinning, breakage, split ends and dry lengths mean that our hair can look patchy, flat and generally under par. So, what if, beyond length, you want fullness, tone, depth and shine – and you want it all fast?

hair extensions

Which is why we created our Tape Extensions service and (when you can’t get to us), 10 Piece Human Hair Extensions Clip In Set to do by yourself, back home. Adding a noticeable difference – but naturally so – they’re your hair’s new best-kept secret. Expertly made to blend in seamlessly, they add depth, tone and a multidimensional finish that fills gaps and creates fullness, from the minute you put them in. 



Here’s how to get thicker, more lustrous hair – no clock-watching necessary. We made you two versions – because everyone likes to have options:


Option A: In our Blow Dry Bars

Sit back, relax, take the weight off your feet in one of our Blow Dry Bars with our Tape Extensions service. You select your shade, we fit your extensions – then blow dry your new winter style. Available in 4 shades – Cocoa Mocha, Ash Blonde, Light Brown Gold and Mid Brown Gold – the clever balayage effect means there’s no need for a full colour ‘match’. Instead, take the umming and ahing out of finding the ‘perfect’ shade and follow our simple rule of thumb: if your hair is dark, your extensions can be a shade darker at the roots. If you’re fair, then find your nearest shade match, or a go a little darker at the roots again. Quick, easy and a steal at the price, you’ll be in and out in under an hour – then your hair will look thick and glossy for 6 weeks. You can swing by when you have a free window, or book an appointment in advance by clicking right over here.

Option B: When you’re back at home

Getting full, lustrous hair doesn’t need to be fiddly, even when you’re doing it at home. Our 10 Piece Human Hair Extensions Clip In Set puts the power back in your hands with 7 blend-in shades, from Platinum Blonde to Black. There’s no fiddling or fussing, and no sticky glue: we made them super simple to attach yourself, so neither you nor your hair ever end up in a tangle. Pick option A, pick option B – take them in turns, if you fancy. Either way, we solemnly swear you’ll get thick and glossy, Great Winter Hair – and have time on your hands to spare.