When we think about getting Great Hair, many of us focus on the end result. That incredible Bob; that universally-flattering Middy. Or those killer Curtain Bangs

But (and, excuse me if I’m pointing out the obvious), but from the bird’s eye view of the hair stylist, the specific way you cut the hair is everything. Because not all haircuts are created equal. 

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of Dry Cuts in our flagships, and there are several reasons for this: the effortless natural texture this technique produces feels like the right aesthetic for now. It’s also perfect if you want to wash and go, particularly as we anticipate the lighter, brighter days of spring. Not to mention holidays, when no one wants to spend time beneath a hairdryer, (although this game~changer of a dryer is as light as your iPhone, so won’t weigh down your luggage). 


So, what is Dry Cutting?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: cutting the hair while it’s dry. The crucial part is that I cut the hair without washing it first (i.e. it means more than just washing it, and drying it beforehand). Freshly-washed hair behaves differently to hair that’s a day or two old. So, cutting it dry/unwashed is much more organic, and allows me to really work with every nuance, such as natural movement, texture, curls and the way your hair falls or frames your face in its own unique way. It’s great if you have split ends or want to add a fringe, without getting a cut that’s super high-maintenance. Put simply, A Dry Cut is the perfect way to really customise your cut, and bring out the best in your hair. 


What are the benefits?

Dry Cutting brings out your hair’s natural shape and texture to create an effortless lived-in look. It’s cool, with hints of French girl vibes (think Caroline de Maigret and Lou Doillon). The best thing: the cut does the hard work for you ~ so you can just wash, air dry and go.


How do I style it?

In about three minutes’ flat. Apply a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream when your hair is wet to hydrate and prevent frizz. If you have long bangs or just want some extra shape around your face, these clips will style your hair for you while you put the kettle on or apply your makeup. If you have fine hair, or it just tends to fall flat throughout the day, sling some Zhoosh Foam into your bag, and rub some into your roots and lengths until it disappears to add a little more oomph and movement. It really is that simple.