The do-it-all hairstyle you’ll love during holiday season

The do-it-all hairstyle you’ll love during holiday season

The slicked-back bun is the ultimate hairstyle to carry you from Christmas to new year – and all those hazy days in between. Easy to achieve, it’s polished and makes you look like you’ve made an effort, even when you haven’t.

It’s also versatile: you can dress it up for events or down on days when you simply don’t have the energy to do anything with your hair, not to mention it’s a great one to adopt at times when you’ve gone one too many days without shampooing.

‌A favourite among celebrities, all you need is a densely-bristled brush (our Everyday Essentials will do the trick) and some Almost Everything Cream to smooth flyaways and frizz, and you’re good to go.

Here's how to achieve the perfect slicked-back bun?

1. Brush it

Whether your hair is on day three post-wash or you’re fresh out of the shower, start by brushing it through – knots will hinder a smooth finish.

2. Set your parting

Decide on whether you want a centre parting or prefer to pull hair back without, then apply Almost Everything Cream through roots to mid-lengths and ends to achieve the ultimate flyaway-free finish.


3. Brush hair up

Using a bristle brush – we love our Everyday Essentials Brush for this – sweep hair up, tightly, into a ponytail at the crown of the head. The idea is to pull hair upwards to ensure your face benefits from a snatched lift.

4. Secure with a hairband

Then, twist hair into a bun and secure with a clear elastic band – or kirby grips if you’re feeling pro.


5. Set the style with hairspray

For the ultimate high-shine finish, set the style using a strong-hold hairspray. If you’ve got any frizz or flyaways, try using Almost Everything Cream with a toothbrush to set them into the style.