Thought crimping was well and truly over? Not if Daniel Hersheson Stylist, Adrian Parkitny has anything to say about it. After feeling inspired by the Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 show, Adrian dug out his trusty pair of crimpers to put together a menu of wearable styles.

The project features a collection of mannequin heads with a variety of hair lengths. With each doll, Adrian carefully selected sections of hair to crimp. He played with both the positioning of crimps and the contrast of lines to give this once (very) un-cool style a trendy, modern twist, proving no trend is ever truly dead.

“It’s a playful post-summer look,” says Adrian. “Crimped hair gets noticed and is great for those who want to experiment with their hair without the commitment of colour or cut. The key to wearing crimped hair now is not to overdo it, not to over-experiment”.

He's not the only ones getting excited about the new crimp. Gucci's Fall 2016 show kickstarted the trend last year when their models walked the runway with fluffy crimped do's. More recently, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande showcased their ripple-textured hair on social media, meaning this is a style revival we're definitely going to see more of.

Adrian's Tip: Start with smooth hair for maximum contrast! If you have voluminous or curly hair, smooth it with a round or paddle brush whilst blow-drying.