Every city has a unique vibe, style and way of living. Although the same trends are pretty much present across the board, terms like 'French girl' and 'LO/LA' have been used by writers to highlight the way each locale adds its own twist to fashion and beauty trends.

The current hair craze is short and choppy with a blunt fringe, so we've compared how fashionistas all over the world are styling theirs edgy lobs right now.


A major fashion capital that's renowned for marching to their own beat, this Japanese city has never been afraid to experiment with trends.

Tokyo favours a softer version, opting for a rounder shape with smoother, thicker bangs.


Quirky and fearless, the city of London harnesses it's rock and roll heritage to influence styling and trends.

Short hair, again, is a biggie in London 2017. It's a city that is constantly hectic, so London hair styles need to be first and foremost, low-maintenance. The winning styles are effortlessly cool, and a celebrate undone textures.


Nobody does pretty yet effortlessly chic like the Parisians. The best looks from France are full of interesting, natural textures. Our favourite? Very curly hair taken into a very short bob.

Blessed with curly locks? Adopt the French attitude, and let your natural kinks air-dry. A light spritz of sea salt spray will give it extra beachy bounce!