Hershesons Blow Dry

All you want for the Christmas party season is really, really GREAT HAIR. Sorry to steal your thunder Santa, but we’ve got December hair totally dialed. Same GREAT vibe. Perfect Party Styles. Our new and improved BLOW DRY BAR MENU has just landed in London’s Topshop Oxford Circus, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Each one brings you the very best in on-point December styles, extensions and speedy tailor-made treatments. So, whether you’ve got a party, a date – or you just want to look on point the morning after the night before, get ready to take the weight off your feet. And we’ll give you really GREAT HAIR…


The Pleat
Feel powerful: The NEW Pleat

Think ‘90s supermodel meets Meghan Markle. This look has got serious game.


Smooth Wavy
Get cashmere ripples: Smooth wavy

Chic, cozy and totally luxe. Just like your favourite winter jumper.


Wavy Gravy
Wavy gravy

Oozes rock chick cool when you need your hair to do the talking.

Half and Half
For the best of both worlds: Half and half

Flatter at the root; more movement on the ends. The Great Hair equivalent of having your Christmas cake and eating it.


Big and Brushed
Instant volume coming your way: Big and brushed

It’s party season. So, go big or go home –right?

The Quick Zhoosh
You need Great Hair – like, yesterday: The quick zhoosh

The ultimate 15-minute reboot when you and your shower have parted ways for a while.


Super Straight
Beat frizz with glassy shine: Super straight

No kinks, no cowlicks, no fuzz – no messing.

The Classic
Nail naturally Great Hair: The classic

Because you want effortless Great Hair – not to look like you’ve just walked out of a salon.


The Swank
Go up, but undone: The swank

Sexy in a ‘here’s something I flung up earlier’ way.


The Flave
For easy-cool texture: The flave

When you want Kate Moss vibes that last for days.

All revved up to get PARTY SEASON HAIR? Simply pick a style to suit your vibe. We solemnly swear to give you Great Hair – and do it on the double.