We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Middy Cut – or a medium-length look that falls somewhere around your collarbones – is universally flattering, super versatile and low maintenance. Great if you’re a little tired of your bob and want something new -  but not a massive change. And ideal if you have long hair and want to refresh it by letting go of those dry split ends.

Here’s 4 ways to work that Middy, so it looks good on you…

1. Tousled & textured

Daria Werbowy, Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung have all made this Middy their signature. It’s often on the longer side of a bob (or lob) and on the shorter side of a Middy, in that it just kisses the collarbones. Your stylist might build in some shape by adding a few face-framing layers around the face. Applying Almost Everything Cream beneath Zhoosh Foam then using this Dry Bun Method to air dry it will bring out your natural movement and texture. Alternatively, you can blow dry and add beachy waves with a tong.

2. Curly

Pairing a Middy length with a rounder silhouette is a great way to enhance the natural shape of your curls and bring your whole look to life. Our Curly Middy poster-girl Zendaya shows us that adding a full fringe can really frame the face and emphasise the eyes. To style, keep it simple: Twist curl-defining, frizz-fighting Almost Everything Cream in while wet then air dry or diffuse for a few minutes on a low heat setting.

3. Classic

A classic Middy (see Olivia Palermo) has the impression of length and fullness – yet retains the fresh modernity of a shorter style. It’s cool and effortless, but also timeless and chic. Keep this look a little longer (around armpit height) and it’ll prove super versatile. Apply Almost Everything Cream and air dry for a little natural texture; use Zhoosh Foam and this brush if you want this season’s more full-on 90s blowout.

4. With curtain bangs

In the same way that a curtain fringe can add shape, interest and definition to a bob, it’s a great way to enhance your Middy if you’re worried you might feel a little ‘meh’ about this in-between length. The number one rule of a curtain fringe is that must blend seamlessly into the rest of the cut, sweeping out across the forehead and flowing down into your Middy lengths. Be sure to carry Almost Everything Cream 50ml with you wherever you go to tame flyaways and fix fringe frizz on the go.

Need more Middy inspo?

Check out our favourite Middy looks – all homegrown in Hershesons. Just screenshot and bring them to your next appointment.