Most of us switch up our wardrobe between seasons – so why should it be any different for our hair colour? The change in daylight that comes with spring/summer lends itself to lighter tones that work in tandem with your cut and lift your look overall. The new Bronde looks are soft and subtle – ideal if you want a small tweak rather than a big statement. 

What is ‘Bronde’?

Being midway between blonde and brunette, the term encompasses a range of shades that can be dialled up or down according to your skin tone and goals. In essence, though, it means swapping cooler, ashier blonde shades for something warmer – think caramel and honey tones. (If your hair is naturally darker and you don't want to go too light, you can always try this Chocolate Brunette look).

What to book?

These warmer tones can be added to blonde or brunette hair – whether it’s long, a Middy or a Bob. An expert colourist will place warmer sections in strategic places to work with the shape and layers of your cut – and to enhance your facial features. For this reason, it's better to use the hand-painting technique, balayage. You can check out the difference between traditional highlights and balayage right here. 

How often will you need a colour appointment?

The beauty of bronde is that it works with your hair colour and grows out looking super natural (no streaks, stripes or heavy root lines). You might book in now, and that one appointment could see you through summer.

Will it go brassy?

Don't confuse warm toffee and caramel shades with orange tones or brassiness. This look is all about seamless blending with a naturally grown-out finish. Your colourist will most likely apply a toner during your appointment. You can also pop in for a gloss between colour appointments to give your colour and little refresh.

How to maintain Bronde on holiday

Adding any type of colour to the hair can put it at risk of damage – especially in intense UV light. If you’re going on holiday, be sure to pack a UV protectant spray and a good, hydrating mask. If you’re tight on luggage space, Almost Everything Cream doubles as a frizz-fighter, smoother, and mask in one.