If you spend your life battling with your natural texture or straightening the hell out of your curls, we hear you. We love curly hair, but it can look shapeless, crazy, frizzy and generally out of control.

Yet, the right cut can create built-in shape that minimises your styling time and enhances your natural texture, so you get Great Hair every day.

“Shape is everything with curly hair. This seemingly simple bob requires a stylist with the skill and vision to enhance natural curls in a way that still looks effortless and natural.” – Luke Hersheson.

What’s the look?

A case in point is this long, heavily straightened style. She had gorgeous natural curls but really didn't embrace them. A great, short bob can change all that.

The A-list references

We tapped into references such as Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Basinger – iconic looks with a shape that brings effortless bounce and movement.

How does it work

The shape is deliberately simple – but the devil is in the detail. The key to this Curly Bob is that the sides are very slightly shorter to define and enhance the texture of the curls while putting an accent on your bone structure.

How to style it

We love a look that takes no more than two minutes to style. Twist a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream into your curls to prevent frizz and add definition. You can simply air dry and go, or drop your curls into a diffuser on low heat to amplify the texture and shape. We like to flip our Curly Bob to one side for a little extra height and easy shape.

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