shaggy hair
11 days to go until a shiny new year – when we resolve to do things differently. So, the gym membership is locked down; you and your stomach are haggling over a dietary tweak or two. And once you’ve eaten your own bodyweight in Christmas chocolate, you’ll be brimming with good intentions, for sure. But let’s not leave your hair out. If you’re anything like us, you and your hair are on one hell of a lifelong journey. Through (ahem) thick and thin, well-behaved and unruly, the truth is that our hair makes us who we are.
In a bid to make it look and feel good, we lovingly pour the false promises of every product we can get our hands on, into our hair. Then look back on our year, to find that while our hair is much of a muchness – our bathroom is full to the gills with half-full bottles we gave up hope on months ago. So, let’s call time on those false promises, let’s save you some money – and let’s keep this super simple: there's one easy thing you can do that's cost-effective and bathroom efficient – to fast track your hair to Greatness in 2019 and beyond. It all begins with a really Great Cut. Here’s 5 straightforward reasons why we think it’ll work for you too…

1. Your products aren’t working. Full stop.

The first time you try a product, it can feel really good: the scent is fresh, the texture is novel and wow – that bottle makes miracle promises we desperately want to believe in. Then bit by bit, week after week, the effect seems to ‘wear off.' So, we lose our faith, get downcast – then fall for the same old trick with another new product next payday. So, let’s save you some pain in 2019 because this is the real deal: The truth is, that no matter how many products you own, or how many ‘miracles’ they promise, without a Great Cut, your hair will never do what you want. blonde cut

2. Your best features will look even better.

A Great Cut adds shape and definition in all the right places. So, your naturally killer cheekbones will stand to attention, or your amazing eyes will pop. If there are any features you’re a little less keen on, the right cut can also act as a subtle signpost to direct onlookers’ attention elsewhere.

3. Your colour will work harder.

A Great Cut and Great Colour are two sides of the looking/feeling good coin. Case in point: effortless waves look great with balayage – because it gives them light, shade, contrast and a multi-dimensional finish that adds subtle depth and richness to your look. Whatever your hair type or length, colour and cut work nicely alone – and they’re even better together.

4. You will look on point at all times.

Your haircut is the basis of how your hair looks on a daily basis – like incredible underwear or the most glow-inducing foundation, if you prefer. Get it wrong, and there's little you can do to redeem the situation. Get it right, and your hair will do what you want it to, whenever you ask it nicely. The upshot is, that even if it’s wet, it’s January or you and your brush have lost contact, your hair will have a ‘togetherness’ about it, to keep your overall look on point.

5. You’ll save time – and money.

If you were to tot up how much you spent on products that did very little at all, you’d probably lie in a heap and weep. But make an initial, New Year investment in a really Great Cut and to sum things up: your products will work better (so you’ll save money on trying new ones), your colour will work harder (so you’ll save money on hair colour and appointments) – and you’ll save time, hopes and misspent dreams. So you just have really Great Hair. Let’s get you in the zone for New Year with a few simple signposts: we all know what a so-so haircut looks like, (you feel a little bit 'meh'). And you definitely know how a bad cut feels, (because you leave the salon weeping). It’s only when you have an amazing one that you realise just how much a Great Cut counts. Which is why it’s so worth getting the one you want by heading out of the starting blocks early. The route to booking a Great Cut is right here.