Our stylist’s secret to the perfect bob

Our stylist’s secret to the perfect bob

What makes a perfect bob?

Long, short, layered or with bangs? Curly, straight or tousled? We love them all, but the answer – really – lies in how the style is cut.

Since we’re all still completely head over heels for the short cut, we spoke to Elliot, one of our top stylists, to learn exactly how he creates the ultimate bob.

What is the secret to creating a flattering bob?

“Creating a good bob haircut involves establishing a strong baseline – and incorporating texture for movement. It’s also essential to consider its wearer’s face shape, hair texture and personal style preference to tailor the cut accordingly.”

How do you cut a bob for different face shapes?

“As a guide, I would say for a long face, a chin-length bob or longer bob with texturing can help balance out the length of the face. For a round face, side-swept bangs help to elongate the face. Thin faces might like to opt for a textured or blunt bob to add fullness and dimension. It’s also essential to consider hair texture when choosing the right bob for your face shape.”

You created Polly Sayers’ dreamy blonde bob – why is that one such a hit?

“Every bob is bespoke to each client – and Polly’s bob speaks for itself. It works particularly well on her because the length is just right, and so is the colour (done by Maxine). The rest is Polly’s personality, which just jumps out at you in the best way.”

What rules should those with a bob follow to keep it looking great?

“Your bob should be easy to style! Speak to your hairdresser and ask them how they envision you styling the bob – if it’s going to take a lot of work to style, then it’s not the right bob for you.

How to style a bob?‌

“I like to rough dry the hair to help create volume, then style minimally after that. Polly shows how easy hers is to style on her Instagram page @pollysayer.”