Cool is an understatement when it comes to these hairstyles.

'Bed-head' hair, 'french-girl' hair, 'rock-chic' hair - Whatever you call it, the fact is everyone wants it. It's cool, undone, effortlessly stylish and the staple look of every modern day It-Girl.

To get you inspired, we gathered our most recent favourite rock-chic looks from the 'gram.

Cara Delevinge - HairCARA DELEVINGNE

Fiercer than ever, Cara Delevingne took the ultimate hair dare this year by chopping it all off. Literally. Although she's usually spotted donning a buzz-cut, who could forget that silver-sprayed bald scalp at the Met Gala? Love it or hate it, Cara's clearly embracing her new found style, and in true rock-chic fashion, couldn't care less what anyone says.

Emily Bador - HairEMILY BADOR

What's not to love about model Emily Bador’s super blunt fringe and even longer, straight locks? It's the perfect combination of quirky, stylish and edgy.

She's a perfect example of how a fringe can transform your whole face. But if you're feeling nervous, there's no harm in testing the look out with a faux fringe.

Lily Rose Depp - HairLILY-ROSE DEPP

Channelling her French side with THAT effortless yet gorgeous beauty most of us can only dream of on our best of days. Rocking tousled, 'barely-there' waves, Lily-Rose has got the nonchalant look down to a tee.

Pair with a heavy, dark eyeliner to amp up the attitude.

Ruby Rose - HairRUBY ROSE

Tats and cropped hair - Ruby Rose is plain bad-ass.


You know you've made it when your hair becomes a signature look. Choppy and effortless looking, Alexa’s hair has both 'It-Girl' and rock chick vibes.

Kate Moss - HairKATE MOSS

And lastly, the Queen of rock chicks herself, Kate Moss! Her hair is never too 'done' and is the perfect example of how rock-chic is timeless. Her style back in her teens is still as relevant today as it was back then, earning her fashion and beauty icon status.